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Classes started on Wednesday, and I am back to the usual nuttiness that seems to breed in my school district. I have three new schools this year, in addition to one I've had since I first started in 2010 (2010!), which means this year will certainly be more interesting than last year. An overview:

Wackyworld Elementary School: I actually had this school my very first year of school nursing, and had a couple of memorable experiences there, including this one: Being right never felt so bad. Yup...It's the weed cookie school. That incident pretty much sums up the clientele in the area. Lockdown isn't a rarity here, and I've been told specifically to not buy gas at the gas station across the street; it's too dangerous. Get in, take care of the kids, and get out. I like this kind of school; the kids need me, and I can make a difference. 

Disneyland: I've had this school every year since I started, and it's just a good place to be. Like Wackyworld, the kids need me, and the principal and secretaries make it a good place to work. I rely heavily on the Spanish speaking secretaries to contact the parents here. There are some high maintenance teachers here that I could do without, but again, I like this kind of school. The kids know me now too; kids I met as kindergartners are now in 4th grade and wave at me every chance they get.

Unknown Elementary School: I know nothing about this school. It's another elementary school with grades K-8, and a similar student population to Disneyland and Wackyworld. I have two 8th grade diabetics, one girl totally competent, and the other a boy who I'd heard had compliance issues. Sure enough, on day one, he didn't show up to the nurse's office. I had a lunch lady track him down, introduced myself, and told him in the future that he would need to make it to my office on his own. I think he got the impression; the next day, he had dropped off the doctor's orders I'd asked him to bring, and showed up promptly at lunchtime. He'll be a good kid to work with.  

Middle School: By no coincidence, I have been assigned Spitfire's middle school. I have two other diabetics here, including Mr. High Maintenance. I'm taking over this school from a woman twice my age who had been there for years, and for now, the staff is suspicious. I'll admit to being a little suspicious myself, as rumor has it the principal pulls the race card whenever she can. I hope to focus on the diabetics and other students in need, and forget the moody school staff best I can. 

To sum up: 3 new schools, including a middle school, and five diabetics. Spitfire was SO happy to see me on the first day of class that she ran through the gate past the secretary to give me a hug. It felt good to be back. 

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  1. Anonymous18/8/14 19:45

    Glad to see you're back!