A Waste of My Breath

I've been back all of one day and already have had to listen to an irate parent tell me, "You are a waste of my breath." This was in response to her being turned away when attempting to pick up her child's schedule  because she somehow missed the zillions of phone calls and letters that have been sent out warning future 7th grade parents that their children must have proof of a Tdap shot to start school.

The beginning of the school year always feels like being thrown into a hurricane, and this year particularly so after being essentially off for four months tending to full time motherhood duties. Oof. Here we go for another year! 


  1. I feel ya, girl!! With 840 K4-2nd graders.....my head is spinning.

  2. Sudsy, RN, MSN :)13/8/14 21:06

    Wow! That's intense that CA requires proof of Tdap to start 7th grade!

    Hope things ease up and that you're enjoying your baby. Welcome back!

  3. Anonymous27/8/14 19:23

    I'm feeling the same issues. Our state requires Tdap for 6th grade and it's a struggle to get compliance. I had one mother tell me I was stupid today but another mother thanking me profusely. What a crazy job! Welcome back!