A new one

It's rare that I come across a new problem these days, but I did this morning. The principal called me into his office at one of my elementary schools: rumor had it one of the fifth graders was pregnant, and he thought it best if I address it with her directly. I agreed, and talked with the girl who vehemently denied the possibility. Still: rumors gone wild about a girl being pregnant at an elementary school?? The principal even said that in 29 years of being involved in education, he's never come across a rumor like this at the elementary level...ugh. Let's all just hope it really is just a rumor. 


  1. Wow, what a day. Interesting to hear what experiences come up throughout the day. Yes, let's hope it is a rumor. And I know you will do great nursing care, regardless of the outcome. Thanks for sharing your experiences, enjoy the day. Elizabeth

  2. Sudsy, RN, MSN :)12/3/14 09:44

    oh, eek. Terrifying to even consider.....

  3. That is absolutely terrifying!! I hope things are okay for that little girl and I really hope she isn't pregnant. How do you even go about asking those kinds of questions to a 5th grader :/