I finally found something in this job besides head lice that made my stomach churn. I walked in after making my diabetic rounds to find a student waiting for me in my nice comfy office chair. Not just any student though...No, the one that appears to have ringworm of the scalp. It's going around, and while I know it's just a fungus, I'd like to avoid getting it on my head. This also happened just hours after a teacher told me that this same child gave her a hug and - through her shirt - she contracted ringworm requiring two rounds of antibiotics, and a scar remains.

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  1. Samantha6/2/14 18:46

    Gross! My husband (a soldier in the Army) got the worst case of ringworm I'd ever seen after being out in the field doing training for a few weeks. It was EVERYWHERE. So, so gross.