Out for a stroll

I had to perform some hearing/vision screenings on a couple of students in a class, so I called the teacher in the morning to send the students down. The two that I needed were in other classrooms for reading time, and instead of trying to track them down, I told the teacher I'd call back in the afternoon. 

I called back in the afternoon, and the teacher said, "No problem, I'll send them down." Some time later, they still hadn't arrived, and the secretary hadn't seen them either. I thought maybe the teacher had been in the middle of something with them and forgot to send them down. I took no offense; it happens all the time, and I figured I would get to them later. 

Well, even though it has often been the case where the teacher never sends the students down, this one smelled fishy to me so when I saw the teacher after school, I told her it wasn't a big deal, but I'd need to call the kids down later because I still needed to screen them. She assured me she had sent them down and said they were gone for a "reasonable" amount of time, and then came back to class. Who knows where they went, but they definitely did not make it to my office. Oh, those poor second graders: the teacher stomped off fuming that they had done that and swore she would take care of them it wouldn't happen again. Still, I had to laugh, I am sure the kids enjoyed their break. 


  1. Anonymous26/1/14 11:13

    Oh, boy. If not fr the fact that every teacher in school knew me, I totally would have done something like that. LOL :)

  2. Anonymous27/1/14 11:38

    Whenever I was sent to the office with a note I'd take the long way around.

  3. Anonymous5/2/14 14:55

    LOL...that happens to me all the time. Once upon a time I had told a little girl to go and get her stuff to go home and return to my office. Well she went to get her stuff and walked right out the door to walk home.....she's in kindergarten. Freaked me out. Now someone walks the kids to get their stuff and walks them back to the office. No more jail breaks.