New phone, new school

After a big long hassle, I'm connected to the world again...yay? Due to reasons I won't elaborate on here - suffice to stay, personnel issues, I am also out of my middle school now. That's the middle school with Time Bomb diabetic, as well as Sticky Fingers, and while I should be thrilled with this change, I'm not entirely. It's not a good feeling to be out of a school on these circumstances, and word spreads like wildfire around the district. I know I'm in the right, and when I was introduced to my new school and why I'm going to be there now, the police officer stationed there said sarcastically, "How surprising..." 

Anyway, moving on, yes! There's a police officer at my new school! Without getting too detailed, this new school of mine hosts 5th-8th graders that are hopefully destined for something great. The students wear uniforms, address me as "Ma'am," there's a police officer that has an office there, oh, the list goes on! It's a world away from my two other schools, and a universe away from the middle school I leave behind. So, while the circumstances of the change aren't ideal, it's a change that could certainly be worse. 

Happy Friday, and cheers to another three day weekend!

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