A case of the Mondays

This weekend, I worked Saturday at a Kindergarten Readiness event doing hearing and vision screenings on 4 year olds going into kindergarten next school year, and I would hardly call Superbowl Sunday a day of rest. My depleted energy levels didn't help today, but thankfully there are furlough days - that were later restored, but too late to ask kids to come to school, so there are work days without students instead - on Thursday and Friday. 

At lunch, one of my diabetics told me he didn't want to be a diabetic because I was taking too long to draw up his insulin, making him late for lunch, and that I hurt him when I gave the injection.  

Also at lunch, Spitfire came in with a blood glucose level of 346, and a box of candy for lunch. I wanted to clobber her dad, who sent her with the goodies.  

Topping everything, a middle school student was found dead (not one of "my" kids, but close enough) over the weekend in a park two blocks from one of my schools...the one I always describe to friends as "a place where bodies are often found near." Nothing like the death of a child to put things in perspective. 

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