Everyone knows when there's a substitute, kids get to go free in the classroom, right? It was moments before my lunch rush normally begins when a herd of screeching second graders pushed their way into my office. There were three girls "hurt," two grabbing their ears saying they had earaches, and one crying of a headache. I sent the rest of the herd out to lunch, and asked one of the earache girls what was wrong. "My class was too loud and now my ear hurts," she said. I asked the other earache girl the same question, and received the same response. The girl with the headache was now sobbing on the cot and I asked her, "Was your class so loud it gave you a headache?" She nodded her head in response, and I asked the girls for some more information. Turns out they had a sub, who apparently let the class get so out of control that these three girls couldn't handle it. Lovely. 

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  1. Apparently that sub hasn't learned the trick for effective crowd control: Pandora. That is, if another teacher is willing to give her the lab/default school login.

    "If you guys can't hear the music, you're too loud."

    Quiet classical or big band jazz for reading and math seatwork, rockin kids radio for active learning centers. Works like a charm.

    I forgot to log out of a teacher's computer at a school where I was a frequent flyer. She added several choices for stations to go with her units (preschool), and then decided to (finally) open her own account.