Out the mouth of a teen

My middle school students tend to have an attitude problem. Not all, certainly, but many of them are...well, they're teenagers. I can usually cross whatever communication barriers they like to put up without much trouble - I'm still mistaken for a student sometimes - but they are certainly different than my elementary students. 

A girl came in to use the restroom that I recognized from my last two years, at my old middle school. She stuck out in my mind as I recalled the difficulties of trying to get her to wear glasses, and the attitude she gave me in retort. As she was washing her hands, she was staring intently at me. "Didn't you used to work at [the old middle school]?" I said yes, slightly fearing what her reaction might be. (This girl gave me serious attitude in the past.) Instead, I heard: "Cool. Nice to see you here!"  And out she walked. Teenagers aren't always so bad. 

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  1. What a great feeling to know you made a difference to her!