Honesty is the best policy

I walked into my office this morning to be greeted by my two favorite lice girls. School policy dictates they need to be screened when they return to school after being excluded for lice, so for once they were following procedure by checking in with me before going to class. I could see a head full of nits at arms length on one of the girls, and before I could say it aloud, her sister pointed out, "She's got nits." I asked them if they had pointed the nits out to their mom before coming to school, and the older sister's answer is why I love kids. "Yep, mom knows, she just said to send us back home when you found out." Kids are honest when they don't know when not to be, and I love it. 

I sent them home, the same poor girls home that have missed over half the school year now on account of mom. I've met with mom, done a home visit, made a public health report, CPS reports have been filed, and yet, these two girls are still not in school. The growing history and paper trail, and continued lack of action by anyone in power, makes me wonder...would anyone do anything if I took them home myself? 

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  1. Is there an alternate contact such as a grandmother? you might try calling that one with a "can't reach mom" next time.