Aaaaaaand we're back!

A new year, new beginning, or something like that, right? My brain is still on vacation, so I bring you some links instead of a real post:

Bad news: Allergy bullying: When food is a weapon


Good news! Obesity among young children declines slightly. Did you know more than 1 in 10 toddlers are obese? Me neither. At least the numbers are going down ever so slightly.


  1. Allergy bullies? This is a sad world. This makes my heart break for those kids.

  2. Anonymous12/1/13 00:38

    On the obesity issue, I've seen 4 kids significantly overweight within the last two weeks (currently working in an ER as a RN). 3 year old who weighed 55lbs, 4 year old who weighed 76lbs, 5 year old who weighed 83lbs, and another 4 year old who weighed 68lbs. In each case, the parents were of the opinion "oh it's so cute!" Um no. Nnone of these children were significantly tall either in case that's a consideration all were below 60% for their age in height. When your child is having difficulty reaching down to tie their shoes and you bring them in for chronic bilateral knee pain... just REALLY? Ugh.
    The allergy bullies is just plain depressing. As if kids with food allergies don't already have enough to worry about (as well as their parents).
    -Disgrunted Paramedic (and RN)