1st CPS case of the year

A second grader came to me today with a cheek so puffy it looked like a squirrel storing something tasty in his cheek. I looked inside his mouth to find a hole - I repeat, a HOLE - in his teeth. It was positioned squarely between two teeth, so that two semi-circles were carved out of each. It went all the way down to the gum, and appeared to be a cavity gone wild, very wild. Poor kiddo could hardly talk. :(


  1. And again with the heartbreak...

  2. Anonymous13/1/13 20:57

    What makes this a CPS case? I am new to being a school nurse.

  3. Kiddo should have been to the dentist long before the hole developed into the size it was. It also appeared infected, and Mom had no intention of taking him to the dentist. :(