Hitting the ground running

A parent asked me to check her daughter's eyes because her first grader had complained she was having trouble seeing. Her vision was fine, so I asked why she had told her mom she couldn't see well:
"Are you having trouble seeing in class?" 
"No, it's not in class. I just can't see very well when I watch TV." 
"Then don't watch TV." 
This has been another solution brought to you by the school nurse. 

On a very different note, I missed a bucket-load at Teenage Wasteland while I was out. The Great Big Learning Experience has apparently only been a learning opportunity for the school staff; mom and Time Bomb diabetic are completely oblivious to the seriousness of it all. In the past week while I was out, her blood sugars have reportedly included numbers in the 40s, and she has been caught lying about her blood sugars and glucose testing. On the plus side, we're going to be holding a little in-service for staff about diabetes, signs of hyper- and hypo-glycemia, and what to do for each. Time Bomb diabetic's lunch and insulin dosing overlap with my other diabetics, so, very thankfully, I have passed on covering her permanently to another nurse in the district, as I can't be in two places at once. And the other issue in Teenage Wasteland that came to light while I was out: an eighth grade student is pregnant for a second time, by rape, by her uncle. 

Thank goodness for vacations. 

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