Camp Recap

One week: three lice treatments, one visit from law enforcement, one scabies case, one case of cussing directed at me. It was an emotionally intense week for many of the young men, and exhausting for the rest of us. Two things helped me get through the week. One, when the CEO came to visit, she sat down and listened to me yak for an hour about how I saw the camp, and how I think it could be improved. I've never had someone in power actually sit down and ask for my opinion on how the place should be run, and it felt fantastic. If only I could get that kind of undivided attention from the school district. Second, the boys were at me nonstop all week long, making excuses to see the nurse for splinters I couldn't see, floss, bandages for injuries that weren't bleeding, etc. It was enough to make me start going crazy, and one morning I told my boss I needed to shut down the health center for a few hours while the boys listened to a guest speaker. He was in full support, and two and a half hours later, I returned dirty, scratched up, sweaty, and with aching calves, rejuvenated enough to finish out the week without going crazy. 

I have two weeks before returning to the school district. Time for some dog and beach time - see you in two weeks for round three in the school system!


  1. Just found your blog! Love it :)
    I am following you now! Have a great school year.
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  2. Sounds like you had a pretty sporatic and hectic week. Must be a challenging job but sounds like you're doing a great job.