Summer already?

Usually I am counting down the days until each break, and yet somehow, summer managed to sneak up on me. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I will not be taking much of a break, at least not the two months off that many are: I have next week off, and then will be back at school the following week for summer school. I also just accepted a last minute position at a summer camp, so I'm working the four weeks following summer school. I'll have another week off at the end of July, but have volunteered to come back to the school district as early as July 31 in order to flex my schedule next year and take some time off when the rest of the world is not also on a school break. Goodbye summer, before it even arrived!

I was ready to quit this job a couple weeks into it, which seems eons ago, and I've now finished my second school year - what? Just as how I feel about summer break arriving today... How did this happen already?

At the moment, I'm too tired to speculate. Thanks for reading, add me to your blog feed or whatever you use, and there may or may not be periodic updates during the summer.

Also, congratulations to Melody for winning the Drug Handbook App. Yay!

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