1. A visitor at 11 p.m. asking for cold medicine. It was just after I'd fallen asleep, and for some reason the boy and his counselor didn't get the hint to take the medicine and leave. No, they stayed for twenty minutes munching on chips and talking to me about video games while I tried not to nod off right in front of them. I could barely stay awake while they were yakking at me, but then of course couldn't fall asleep afterward. 

2. One of my autistic group kids decided not to cooperate in taking his morning medication. Thirty minutes later, thirty minutes of crying and screaming and throwing his cup at me, we got word from his mom that the medication had sat too long in the cup and I just needed to rinse it out and start over. Sure enough, it was fine, but not until breakfast time was over. 

3. A 12 year old so nervous about being on her period, and so homesick and anti-social, that we spent the morning walking until I couldn't walk anymore, and hashing and re-hashing a plan to deal with said period for the next 24 hours of camp. The hike started out in tears, and ended with her asking if we could do it again after lunch. I must have calmed her fears successfully - phew. 

4. Answering a question so gross I won't even repeat it. Kids are gross...and awesome...and you really just don't know what's going to come out of their mouths. 

5. The weather is beautiful, I'm surrounded by pine trees, and am treated to a spectacular star show each night.

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  1. LOL on #4! I'm MOM to three boys and I'm consistently amazed at the things they come up with to gross me out!