Camp, Day 1

I started today working for summer camp - wahoo! It's four weeks of varying groups, and I even get to go home on the weekends. It got off to a good start this morning on the drive up to the mountains during which I increased my previous roadkill score of 3 animals over 11 years of driving to 5: I killed two birds in the last ten minutes of the 2.5 hour drive. I met my boss a few minutes later and as he was showing me around, he asked how the drive was:
Me: Pretty good, but I did manage to kill two birds.
Boss: Wow, weird.
Me: Yeah...one of them is in your driveway.
Boss: Yep, I saw that one. 

Then, during check-in a typical kid conversation happened:
Kid: "There's something you should know about me. I burp a lot."
Me: Okay, cool.
Kid's Mom: I don't know this child. 

Other than the mosquitos and getting shorted on a good bunk (but who really cares when I could probably sleep through a heavy metal concert these days), I am quite sure I'm in for a good four weeks: funny kids of all types and lots of them (special needs and traditional camp is happening at the same time here), a boss trying to make me work as little as possible, unlimited food that I neither cook nor clean up after, and a gorgeous setting and some staff to match it. Heck yes. 


  1. Sudsy (Ellen)25/6/12 07:59

    Have fun! I leave Weds. for almost a month at an overnight summer camp. I hope we both have great experiences :). Are you the only RN (I'm guessing not, if you get weekends off!)? Have a great time!

  2. I'm working on a camp setting hosting multiple camps. I am the only RN for my camp, but other camps bring their nurses - so in a sense I am working with other nurses (we share a health center that we work and sleep in), but in another sense not. Each session runs for five days and then we get a new crowd the next week - and I get to go home in between!

    Have fun at your camp!

  3. Nothing to do with camp but to do with roadkill: one Easter morning on the way to 6AM church I hit a pheasant...then about 4 miles later, a deer...thankfully the car was still driveable but I stopped on the side of the road and let someone else drive the rest of the way! In a dark humor sort of way, there were feathers on the front grille and deer hair in one of the door handles...