National School Nurse Day

That's today! For you non-nurses wondering when we'll stop showering ourselves with appreciation, Nurses Week ends on Saturday, Florence Nightengale's birthday (look her up if that name doesn't ring a bell). In the school environment, today and this week is hugely overshadowed by Teacher Appreciation Week, but I don't mind: the PTO takes good care of our teachers, and I consider myself entitled to every breakfast and luncheon and "thanks" they're providing to the teachers. I did get one thank-you note from our dedicated noon duty at my middle school, and I'll happily take that one recognition.

Other random musings:
I had the usual conversation with my diabetic today:
Me: Okay, you ready to wash your hands? [After a very long 15 minutes waiting for her blood sugar to go up after I found her shaky and a BG of 64 at lunchtime.]
Her: No.
Me: I don't care, go wash your hands.
Her: "You sound like my MOM!"

I've also concluded the best way to get some kids out of my office is to make it miserable:
Not-really-injured kid: What's she doing in here? [Pointing at a not-really-sick kid.]
Me, the nurse tired of an over-crowded office: We do not talk about other people when we're in here. We can talk about you though, should we do that?
She narrowed her eyes at me and pouted. Suddenly, I heard, "I'm feeling better" and she ran away from me as fast as she could.

Last, it's link time:
Electronic health records in schools. If my district was this organized and awesome...well, that would just be too great for words.
First grader saves friend. Yay for learning life-saving techniques on the Disney channel!
Obesity continues. And we have decided pizza sauce is a vegetable.

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  1. Anonymous11/5/12 07:51

    Happy Nurse's Week! I work in a small K-12 district and did get flowers from the PTO, my Elementary Principal, and shocker of shockers the Superintendent; but I also got to pick rocks and gum off of a 3rd graders shoe after her teacher sent her to "See what the nurse can do". As one of my good friends (a Social Studies teacher and Coach) and I always say...."School would be great, if it weren't for the adults!" Enjoy your summer! Only 5 1/2 days plus Sports Physicals for me!!!!! Nurse Teresa from Central Missouri :)