Reality bites

A girl came in to package up a tooth she pulled out. As I was putting it in the little plastic mouse container we have for them, I asked what I ask every kid whose teeth I pack up: "What do you think the Tooth Fairy will bring for this?" Sometimes they say a quarter, sometimes nothing, sometimes several dollars. But this time, Toothless just looked at the floor and said, "Actually, this morning my mom told me she's the Tooth Fairy. She said I was too old for it now." I don't think she could have stuck her bottom lip out any further as she was saying it.
Poor girl! Toothless said - as dramatically and sadly as possible - that other kids ruined Santa for her when she was five, and I told her to remember how that felt when her friends asked her about the Tooth Fairy. We decided it's up to her to keep the magic going for the other little ones.


  1. :(. What's a mouse container--just a very small container? I put lost teeth in a disposable glove to send home. Never thought about using something "fancier"!

    1. We have some ancient plastic containers in the shape of a mouse - don't as me why! - that we put teeth in. They must have been purchased back in the day when schools had money!

    2. Neato! I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write. School nursing can be rather a lonely thing, so thanks for helping know there are others going through the same things.

  2. That's one good way to start confronting your child about the truth behind Tooth Fairies. Good thing she pulled off her tooth successfully. You should tell her to inform you if anything like that comes up - that's pretty dangerous.