Rainy day reading material

It's raining. And if you know how dry it has been this year, you know how nice it feels. It feels particularly nice as a school nurse, when the kids are trapped in rainy day recess: no tetherball accidents!

Layoff notices are being distributed, and morale is low. Everyone is ready for spring break, a break coming four days late due to proposed furlough days being reinstated in the first week of break. (Am I the only one who would rather be paid my full salary?)

Anyway, I have for you some reading material, because nothing I've done for the last few days - like catch up on two months of timesheeting, and clean out medication cabinets I should have done months ago - is really worth writing about.

Black students face more harsh discipline. I can vouch for this in my schools.

Parents, let kids know they're great. Seriously.

Fatter but fitter. Some good news.

Happy Pi Day!

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