O.M.G., the gurl drama.

Yesterday was a whirlwind day at my middle school, and yet, sadly, totally normal.
Various incidents throughout the day:
I was alone in the office and heard some people come in behind me: two police officers, wearing bulletproof vests. Gulp. The principal was summoned, and when we asked what it was about, the response was, "I can't say, but it's a very serious matter and I don't want to blow it." Turns out the student no longer was attending our school, so I was safe another day there.
I came in after checking my elementary diabetics to find the school police officer sitting in the office looking at Facebook, surrounded by three girls, all of which he wrote citations for. Not sure what about, but when I asked the attendance clerk, she said our officer has been at the school regularly these days due to Facebook issues. Lovely.
In the afternoon, my only diabetic there came in. She is 13, independent, and I only check in with her on the days that I'm there anyway. She looked pale, and no wonder: her blood sugar was 55. I gave her the last of my graham cracker stockpile, and waited a few minutes before escorting her to the main office, where I was assured her mom would be arriving shortly since she had already been called. She checked her blood sugar again there, and at this point, did not look good at all: blood sugar was 37. I told the attendance clerk to watch her as I went sprinting back to my office for glucose tablets for her to take. Thankfully she was still conscious when I returned, she took them, and her blood sugar leveled off at 55 by the time mom came for her. (Note to self: put glucose tablets on the shopping list.)
I was glad I was there for this blood sugar crash, because despite telling the attendance to watch her while I ran for the sugar tabs, I don't think anyone even noticed she was in there; even when I told her afterward what happened, it didn't seem to faze her. They may have been distracted by an enormous fight after school that broke up, requiring a police call to break it up. The fight: two girls going at each other. The drama in the lives of 13 year old girls is unbelievable. 


  1. Anonymous16/3/12 06:14

    Just ran across your post. I too am a nurse at a middle school and it is great to hear about what other middle school nurses go through. There is nothing like the drama of middle school kids. Are you by any chance dealing with the "pass-out challange"?

  2. I am afraid to even ask what this pass-out challange is...