Yay Friday!

A first grader had her lunch with me while she waited for a change of clothes. The contents of her home packed lunch: Cool Ranch Doritios, peanut butter filled crackers, and an unidentifiable small container of something that smelled like Oreos but looked like clumped dirt. Perhaps we shouldn't be just concerned with what our schools are feeding our children...

I also noticed a kindergartener in my office today was wearing eye shadow. I asked why, at age 5, she was wearing makeup: "My mom lets me!" I wasn't surprised to hear from her teacher that mom came to the conference dressed "like a Las Vegas stripper."

And an update on the lice front: turns out the principal - who distributed the policy for us all to read - is the designated person to send students home with lice, according to our district policy. I won't pretend I felt nothing but joy this morning watching Ms. Meanie's mouth drop open when I told her, as she happily marched a student down to my office, to take her student to the principal and leave me out of it. I can only hope she tones herself down a tad now that she has to take her craziness to her boss instead of me. And, my meeting with my boss to revise the lice policy - the one everyone scoffed at when I said I was going to ask for such a thing - is officially on the calendar for the last day of the month. I can hardly wait to plead my case.

Cheers to another three day weekend, and spring break rapidly approaching! 

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  1. A 3 y/o at my school brings Sprite (in a baby bottle!) every day. Her lunch is total junk food. Both parents are doctors, the mom an internist.....SO SAD.