A kid was in my office waiting for his ride to pick him up, firing off questions in rapid succession:

Kid: What's your bladder?
Me: It holds your pee.
Kid: Did they have black and white TV when you were a kid?
Me (the 26 year old nurse): What? No...But TVs were fat, if you can believe it, not everyone had a flatscreen.


  1. Anonymous29/2/12 13:47

    I've been a school nurse for the last 5 years in a mill village in the deep South, similar to the ghetto in California. I was so frustrated with the Lice parents yelling at me, rude and neglectful parents who could care less about the school nurse's phone calls-then I found your blog I could have written it all myself so it gave me a chuckle and the will to continue at least another few weeks till Spring break arrives. Thanks

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