Cute factor: 10

Yesterday I was in my office with two of my favorites, a couple of little sisters that are sweet beyond description, sending them home - yet again - for lice. They were frequent fliers last year and were doing well this year until just before break. Ugh. Anyway, I was talking about their home life and asking about who lives with them (answer: all eight kids in the immediate family, plus miscellaneous other relatives), when one of the girls added, "Well, my grandma and grandpa usually live with us but right now they are in LA because my grandma is having head surgery because she has old-timers."

We had awhile in my office together thanks to their parents that decided not to answer their cell phones (this is becoming more common: parents don't answer when they see the school calling). I suspect this was particularly true in this case because when I asked the youngest if her head was itching, she exlaimed, "I wasn't scratching, I promise!" I assured her she wasn't in trouble, but it made me a tad suspicious someone had trained her to not draw attention to herself. Finally, after waking an older sister up by calling her cell phone, the parents retrieved the poor girls. I try to make my office a happy place to hang out (but not too happy), especially for kids that are there as a result of their parents' irresponsibility, and I figured I'd succeeded when as she was walking out, the younger girl told me she was going to ask her mom if she could invite me over to bake cupcakes. How cute is she? 

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  1. Anonymous12/1/12 17:21

    School nursing, what an adventure. After 17 years in critical care, I completed my Masters degree in education and became Principal of a CTE shared-time school (vo tech). Today, a huffer is sent to the physician for drug testing. Mom picks him up to state that he has a stuffy nose and needs 5 minutes to blow it...interesting.