Cue the "awwww"

I mentioned earlier this week that my little spitfire has been depressed lately. I've been making every effort to cheer her up, because it's been breaking my heart to see her so sad. Apparently my efforts were not as futile as I thought: she brought a little bag of dog treats for my dog, and I have never seen her as excited as she was to give them to me and discuss my dog's taste for bacon-flavored dog treats. Furthermore, she did this despite being sick. She threw up before school, but her mom was gone already and wasn't answering her phone, and her step-dad was still asleep, so she did what she knew she was supposed to and walked to school. She ended up vomiting again at school, and her grandma had to come pick her up, but to come to school - sick - and give my dog treats? Adorable. I am so proud of her today.

This small victory, along with the mother of my other diabetic randomly thanking me for teaching her son how to draw up his own insulin and being patient with him (duh, that's my job!), help me get over the other rudeness I encountered this week, including a mother talking to me as though it was my fault I hadn't done anything about her son's peanut allergy and epilepsy conditions she'd failed to mention to me previously. You can't please everyone.

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  1. It's all about the little victories, right? Great story. :)