Today's waste of taxpayer money

I was assigned this Friday morning, but after the week I'd had, I had no qualms about putting it off until today: creating a timesheet. This isn't just any timesheet. Apparently my position is funded by two diffent accounts in the district, the general and special education funds. The state is now requiring that for positions funded by two separate accounts there be a timesheet accounting for how much time that employee spent working on things from each account. For me, this means on my timesheet I have to account for 20% of my time in special education activities, and 80% in general population activities, whatever that means. However, the directions are key: "IMPORTANT - each day should not look the same!  80% of your time is to the general population at each school and 20% to Spec Ed....Even tho' the "sample" shows each day about the same, we have been instructed NOT to do that, because no two days in your schedule are ever exactly the same. " 

I received this email in December asking me to backlog through August, and continue keeping these "logs" in the future, so I spent this morning making 5 monthly timesheets with random numbers. While I wouldn't say I'm a mathematical genius, I wouldn't exactly say basic arithmetic is a challenge for me either. Still, inventing my hours at random in an 80/20 fashion was not simple, and I couldn't help but wonder why in the world I was having to waste my morning doing such calculations. The list of kids I needed to check on, the list I always have and usually plug away at each week but wasn't even able to touch last week, keeps growing. This job feels less about the kids every day...

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  1. Do you know about the RAND function in excel? ;-) You can even designate what you want the number to be between. And you could fill in the other blank with a 100-(cell reference). And get back to taking care of the kiddos.