These last few weeks have been hellish, to put it mildly. My life feels like it's been consumed by what is officially now an outbreak at my middle school, eating away at my patience and sanity. You can probably imagine how it felt, then, to be griping to one of my elementary schools about the mess it is making, and have the secretary respond, "Oh, I was going to tell you...someone came to school with the chickenpox on Monday."

To sum up my reaction in a three letter acronym: FML. It's always me.

The good news is that public health and I are really now BFFs. The bad news is that this is why I had to be on the phone at the park this afternoon, discussing procedure, once again, and why I was writing work emails when I should have been eating dinner. The public health nurse asked me if I switched over to this elementary school that I was now reporting from the middle school, and I explained, no, I oversee both schools...plus one. I am not sure what world she lives in, but she was quite shocked at this revelation. I decided when I am sick of dealing with chickenpox cases, I will ask her for her job, which apparently takes place in a land of roses and rainbows.

Kids are in school two more days, I am at work for one more day before winter break. It cannot come soon enough.

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  1. Talking amongst your friends, would you say that public health nurses are among the most content that you are aware of, among various sorts of nurses?