G is for (bad) grammar

"Reason for retainment" section on an actual form filled out by actual adults (parents): Due to not being unable to read on seacond grade leavel. School didn't have any Reading interventions. So they pashed her back one grade.

On a related note, I helped screen 8th graders this week. I was sharing vision duty with another nurse, her on a lettered Snellen chart, while I used a shapes Snellen chart. The choices were an apple, a house, or an umbrella the whole way through. It's actually used for kindergarteners, but I figured these kids wouldn't even notice the insult to their intelligence; I was right. The other nurse was struggling to test the kids until we realized what was taking them so long to pick a letter: it wasn't that they couldn't see it, it was that they had to recite the alphabet to themselves in order to figure out what letter it was - many, and I mean many of them, could not pick out the letter "R" without singing to themselves. Please cross your fingers for our future generations.

Cheers to our veterans and a three day weekend, signaling the start of the holiday season at school: Veterans Day, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, etc. Cheers also to me for becoming a first-time homeowner today! (Dealing with these weirdos has to get me something, right?)


  1. Congrats on becoming a homeowner!!

    And that's terrifying about the alphabet... =/

  2. Well at least they can recite the alphabet song... sad to think that they'll be going to high school soon.

    Congrats on getting your own home!!