Laughter is the best medicine

Today was a sad day for two reasons. My little Spitfire diabetic has a mother and a step-father - her second step-father - and spends every other weekend at her "real" dad's house. I had figured this out myself when one day her teacher told me she couldn't say the specifics, just that she knew little Spitfire would no longer be staying at her dad's, and suggested I google his name. I did, and what I found was disappointing: Spitfire's dad was involved in a high-speed chase in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, and the people involved were arrested for various things including driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Spitfire hadn't mentioned it to me until today, when she saw a newspaper. For some reason hearing her talk - brag, nearly - about her dad being in the paper a few weeks ago just made it that much worse. :(.

I also received bad news about another parent I know, and will never forget. The mother of my favorite twins is in the hospital with severe burns. (Rumor has it there was a kitchen fire and, no one else's surprise, it didn't get smothered when she poured water on the grease fire. I believe that she'd pour water on a grease fire, but I'm not convinced she wasn't concocting something illegal.) She's been in there for two weeks already, and has had multiple surgeries and is expected to have several more before being discharged for rehab - assuming she makes it. I don't know who is taking care of the little girls, but I don't know how they're ever going to make it in life. Double :(.

I was feeling pretty bummed until Spitfire interrupted my moping to ask if I had any grandkids. Never in my 26 years have I been asked about having grandchildren.

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  1. At least spitfire wasn't with her dad when it happened, sometimes all you can do is look at the positive because the negative can just be so damn depressing.