What is not fun...

Is receiving a phone call five minutes before the release bell rings from a parent that you had called two hours earlier, when her daughter had come in complaining of something in her eye. I had her flush it well and was sure it was fine. Nonetheless, it gets your heart pounding when you have a mother questioning what exactly you flushed her eye with (does she really think schools can afford saline solution?) and for exactly how long, especially when you don't feel you should say what you're thinking: I had a child in that had fallen flat on his back and hurt his head, who was a higher priority than some dust in a clearly neglected child's eye, who was probably seeking attention (I can say this, I know this family). I wasn't about to say I had my back to her daughter as I was trying to reach a parent for head injury boy, and just kept telling her to flush without paying much attention. Instead I told mom she flushed it out for twenty minutes while she was in my office, which was acceptable until she said, "No one actually flushes their eye out for that long, come on, really what did you do?" Really, I made the girl flush it until she said it was all better, and by "flush," I knew the girl was actually just dabbing her eye while watching the rest of the activity in my office, but I also wasn't about to tell the mother that I thought her daughter was an attention-seeking freak. Somehow I managed to placate her enough that she let me hang up the phone, and as I did I thought to myself: buying that liability insurance that I just did will indeed let me sleep better at night.


  1. Anonymous30/9/11 18:47

    Just found your blog...love it! p.s. what type of liability insurance did you buy as I am thinking of buying some for myself as well?

  2. i'd love that info on the insurance, too!!