Tuesday Morning

I think it's fair to say I can tolerate a lot of "gross" things; it's part of my job and the education it took to get me to this point really opened my eyes to what I can handle. (I will admit the first time I saw a heart beating through an open side chest wound, I needed a chair for a minute - though not the second time around that I saw it, which is why to anyone who thinks they can't be a nurse because they pass out at certain things - you can get past that! But I digress.) Still, there are a couple of things that really, really gross me out:
1. Live lice. Spiders in my bed don't even bother me as much as lice in someone else's hair.
2. Being breathed on. When I hold a thermometer and the kid is breathing out their nose, the warm air breezes over my hands and just gives me the willies. It's also a problem when kids rush into my office to tell me how sick they are, and do it from inches away breathing all over my papers and myself.
3. The sound of mouth-breathing. Blow your nose, kid, and you'll breathe easier and I won't be so distracted by the awful sound. 
I love my kids...but they can really gross me out sometimes.  

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  1. Yep, I recall the patient with the lung resection and open chest cavity... great way to start off nursing school. And I agree about the lice... things like that are still a bit gross to me too.