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Teachers v. Parents.

MRSA! Watch out, this is the kind of article that makes you think every mystery mark that appears on your body is going to kill you.

Next week, the Tdap deadline officially arrives. September 15th is D-day, and my middle school still has nearly twenty with missing shot records. That's twenty students that will be booted from classes, and if they don't bring their shot record within a few days the school is required to drop them. They'll be overflowed to another school, one without their friends and not in their neighborhood, in all likelihood. No one listened to my suggestion that we just let them all be given the "Student's wiith Missing Immunizations" report I run on my computer is a fraction of the size it was last year. [If you're new, there's a new law requiring all 7th-12th graders in California to have the Tdap shot - no shots, no school is the motto.]

Another random item, I'm tired of having things I do be questioned. If you think you know how to do it better, why don't you just be the nurse? Most recently it was suggested that I make a vision referral for low cost vision services without testing the kid on the basis they failed over a year ago. Call me silly, but that doesn't cut it for me, not with the way kid's vision can change. I was also hammered this week for sending out - at the direction of my boss - a flyer requesting volunteers for Epipen/glucagon training. Again, call me silly, but when my boss tells me to do something, I'm probably going to do it, especially if I support it. The more patience I have used up by the absurd bureaucracy that is ruining the school system, the less I have for the kids that deserve it.

And last but not least, I cured a headache today by giving the kid some snack crackers I'd thrown in a drawer. That's what happens when you don't get your kids to school on time for their free breakfast, parents.

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  1. So if the motto is "no shots, no school," then why do they get to go to an overflow school?