It took three phone calls and three days to find someone who agreed that, after an accidental needlestick, I should probably go get a blood test. Am I the only one who believes in bloodborne pathogens?


  1. How strange. You'd hope that a child wouldn't be HIV+ve but given you don't know for sure and given the neighbourhood you describe - well, yeah. My daughter had a needle stick last year - she's a paramedic in the UK and it was, of course, a known drug user whose life she was saving when giving the shot. The ampoule broke, cut her gloves and probably cut her - with his blood all over her gloves. So a month of yukky PEP drugs and side-effects and 6 months follow-up. She's fine - and so will you be. Hugs from a distance.

  2. Anonymous19/9/11 07:29

    Hope you had the blood tests. Enjoying your blog. I'm wanting to write about my experiences as a prison nurse but have some concerns about hippa/liability etc. It looks like you are doing this with names changed and your identity/location anonymous as well. I wonder if you are making money on this, as that would be a goal of mine as well. I see you have quite a few entries and it looks like this is about to take off. I found you linked to a querry on "nursing blogs".