I spoke too soon

Mother of Diabetic #1, Mr. High-Maintenance, complained about my log-keeping to the staff - on day two of my care - and because of it says I am now supposed to call her daily with the blood sugar. Oh, joy. (Not that anyone is interested but in my defense, but she sent some messy log forms with him that she wanted me to use, which are far, FAR, more difficult to read than the ones I make.)

She's the opposite of mother of Diabetic #2, Ms. Spitfire, who when I asked today for some guidelines - because we are still missing current orders - for the corrective morning insulin, suggested I choose the dose "based on what she seems like." Okay, I'll just pull a number out of thin air and hope it doesn't make her crash. Awesome. 

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  1. Oh my god. Can you report Ms. Spitfire to CPS for that? I hope diabetic #2 has someone else helping out with his/her care at home!!!