Culture Shock

I spent the summer in countries in which I spoke two words of the language, and, needless to say, experienced some culture shock. I was in for culture shock again as I helped with schedule distribution at the back to school orientation last night. I had, apparently, completely forgotten what my clientele are like: parents and students who appear so close in age and dress so alike it was impossible to deciper which one I should hand the schedule to, cellphones falling out of cleavage, and at least one parent slurring his words and holding himself steady against my table as he leaned over me doing his inebriated, I am sure, very best to flirt with me. Welcome back, me.

Today is Thursday, class starts Monday, and my emptied out middle school office has yet to be painted, not to mention put back together. And, so far, I have two places to be first thing Monday morning. I'll spend the weekend working on cloning myself.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back! I don't know about the cloning... unless you can collect two pay checks!