I'm really trying not to jump the gun...

But I may have a big success coming my way. This morning my cell phone rang: the program manager for the county physical and occupational therapy programs was calling me. I knew I'd sent in only a half-filled referral for the aforementioned girl needing shoes, but before I could explain that it was a last ditch effort/cry for attention from the county, she got it: "I can tell this is a last resort kind of thing." It worked. 

I told her everything, including the recent CPS report, why I hadn't checked the box for parental permission, and when she asked if the student thought she needed new shoes, I got the chance to let my tongue loose on how badly this is affecting her (it's recently become a bullying issue among her peers, too). She told me she couldn't do anything from a PT or OT therapy perspective - BUT - she has contacts. She assured me she has resources I don't, and in no uncertain terms, "I will be working with you on this. I will not let this go."

I hope she stays true to her word. Between that and the CPS worker - someone might actually be able to help her soon. And the other best news of the day? The girl showed up to school, which means mom didn't beat her to death over the weekend (maybe CPS hasn't talked with her yet).

Edit: I talked to the attendance clerk at the school, who said she received a nasty phone call on Thursday after school from this girl's mom - well, it was anonymous, but she knows this mom's voice. The mother's shrieking complaint: "I need to talk to the principal, someone is trying to get my daughter taken away!!" Two things on this: one, I still don't know who filed the CPS report, and if it was anyone at the school I'd be shocked if they'd not told me - which means it may be someone outside of the school, something I'm sure the mother hasn't considered. Second, I am wondering if I should start wearing a bulletproof vest to work...that's one angry momma.

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  1. You'd think if Mom cared so much about people taking away her daughter she would be willing to spend the time necessary to get her the FREE shoes that she needs. How she manages to prioritize yelling at school administrators over just fixing the problem will never cease to amaze me. I wish Mom had fully considered the weight of her decision to have a child and how much responsibility she owed that baby. It's pretty obvious she did nothing of the sort.