You're invited!

After spending three hours - THREE HOURS - trapped in my office yesterday with a child I despise more than any other child at any of my schools, and listening to him sing/rap for most of that time, today was just what I needed.

Before I even arrived at my office, a teacher stopped to tell me that some of my habitual lice hosts, two sisters, had been sent home for lice again yesterday. Reportedly, they were totally loaded with live lice. There were two very fantastic things about this: one, the school didn't call me to have me drive over and check the girls; they actually listened when I designated and trained the ever-present crossing guard to do that job! Success! Second, something totally unheard of, the prinicipal made a Healthy Start referral for the family. What?! The principal. This guy is awesome. I was even more blown away when the sisters showed up to school today - and passed my lice check. I will admit I spent awhile pulling the last few nits out of each, but they were so close to being clean that I just didn't have the heart to turn them back home. To be loaded with lice one day, back at school the next - someone is finally getting the message. Too fantastic for words.

I stayed "late" and was rewarded with an invitation to be a guest speaker during Career Month at Kids Corner, the after school program on school grounds that many, many kids attend. How fun! They rehearsed their speech to invite me, and even colored me a pretty invitation too. How super sweet.


  1. cool about the invite and that you're being listened to.

  2. Anonymous26/1/12 08:57

    It breaks my heart to see a person that works with children saying they "despise" one of the kids. I have been enjoying your blog quite a bit. But some of your harsh judgments against people that are of lower socioeconomic status really make me sad. I wonder if the staff at the elementary school I attended viewed my own mother in such a light? I wonder if the staff may have thought we were lesser simply because we lacked money.

    1. I would appreciate it if such comments were either made a) not anonymously or b) directly toward me (see the "contact me" link in the top right corner). But yes, it's true: sometimes, school nurses have kids they take care of they aren't particularly fond of - that doesn't mean I take care of them any less than anyone else. Sometimes teachers have students they prefer over others. People have preferences, that is life. However, I can only speak for myself when I say it has nothing to do with anyone's socioeconomic status and all to do with the respect I get from them, both parents and students. If you treat me nicely, I'll do the same, but if you're going to disobey everyone in the office and become a nuisance while others are trying to work, I'm probably not going to enjoy your company. (Though I might feel sorry that you were raised in such a way you feel the need to act out like that.)