Something I take serious issue with is rudeness. As a camp nurse, I established an "I don't take no crap from no-body" mentality, and it's one I indend to keep and make known for as long as I work. I may be a nurse, but I'm not your servant - kids and adults alike. Respect doesn't seem to be a trait often taught to the kids I work with, and it drives me up a wall sometimes. This kid in particular is a frequent visitor to my office, and he seems to purposefully drive me crazy. One day he spent much of his time rapping to me:

"I'm in the nurse's office -
She's sitting at the com-puter, drinking her coffee." 

If he wasn't rapping, he was tapping his feet, or otherwise fidgeting incessantly. It drove me insane, and if I showed it getting to me in the slightest, he chuckled with glee and brought it on even more.

Today he found his way back into my office again, and I groaned at the thought of spending the day with him (he supposedly has work to do but spends most of the time driving me crazy rather than doing any studying). I left my office for a brief moment and returned to find him staring at my computer. I told him to go back to his desk and he giggled at the fact that I was watching a video on my computer. I explained it was actually the space shuttle getting ready to launch, and he was totally baffled by it. I told him about the space shuttle and the International Space Station as his eyes got wider and wider. When I finished my little science lecture I told him to turn around and go back to work - and he did. The only question he asked for the rest of the day was if "the people left yet." He even said goodbye on his way out - what a difference our talk had made.

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  1. That is so sad that he did not know about the space shuttle. You did good!