I spent the entirety of yesterday trapped in my office with a boy who had received a suspension before school even started but whose parents or guardians would not be answering any calls all day long to come pick him up. He was atrocious: completely disrepectful toward me and tormenting the kids who came to see me. With the way he talked, I was sure he could beat me up, so I had to tread carefully. By the time I left, I was so annoyed I am sure billows of smoke could be seen steaming out of my ears. Just as I was escaping a little girl who had come to me earlier complaining of a tummyache came running to give me a big ol' hug. No reason for it, but it erased the hours of torture in my office. 


  1. and why are suspended students sent to the nurse's office? used to be they were sent to the principal's office.

  2. I have the overflow "thinking desk" in my office... There are too many out of control kids is the problem.