Excuuuuuuse me?

This afternoon I had a 5th grader in my office waiting for her mom to bring her Tylenol, and a 1st grader crying to me about how she didn't feel good and didn't want to wait five hours for her mom to pick her up after day care was over:

1st grader: "But... Five hours is so long, I can't wait that long..."

Me: "When you get old like me, you'll see five hours isn't really long at all."

5th grader: "You're not old - you're middle aged!" When I turned around in horror, she added, "You're in your thirties, right?"

I am not in my thirties nor do I believe I'll be middle-aged when I hit that decade... in five years.


  1. Kids can be tough on the ego. Mine told me the other day that I had a "jiggly bottom".

  2. Haha, ouch! Well, thinking I look like I'm in my thirties is better than my camper this summer who pegged me at 53.