1. Lice is GROSS. I have seen some gross stuff in my short time as a nurse, but nothing grosses me out quite like live lice in someone's hair. I got through five periods of vision and hearing screenings and was nearly ready to jump for joy as I reached the very last group of the day when the other nurse pulled me aside to sat she heard a report that one of these last girls had lice. Being middle schoolers, I figured it was just another rumor, but when I went to put headphones on this girl, I saw I was sorely mistaken. There they were, crawling around, I didn't even have to go digging in search of them. I wanted to go take a disinfectant shower; instead, I still had a meeting and training to attend.

2. Trainings never fail to bring out the dumbest in people. What is it about those things that just make them magnets for completely idiotic questions? It's bad enough sitting through them, but listening to the questions (that I could have answered without sitting through the training) is just pouring salt into the wounds.

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  1. And it's trainings of every flavor. I do volunteer work and love the work, but it's the twice yearly meetings with all the volunteers that make me want to take myself out.